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Samidoh at it again as rumours spread after birthday message to actress Doria

Post by : Leah Achieng

Kikuyu benga musician Samidoh popularly known for his baby mama drama was excited to post his friend actor Doria Chege. Samidoh and Doria are friends
Kikuyu benga musician Samidoh popularly known for his baby mama drama was excited to post his friend actor Doria Chege. Samidoh and Doria are friends and have worked together, last year they worked on a project together. Together with Tiktoker Kinuthia and Tracey Wanjiru they all advertised phones for a phone shop.
Samidoh wished Dorea Chege a happy birthday in a post on his Instagram Stories. He included a picture of a display of Dorea’s birthday photo booth that was decorated with her picture and green balloons that matched the yellow and gold ones.
The photo was accompanied by a happy birthday song, he went on to mention Dorea and her boyfriend, Dibul, was he celebrating their love?Dibul also celebrated his girlfriend with a sweet message saying:
You were born sweet and for me to make my life a piece of heaven. I love you for everything you are Happy birthday my love❤️😍Ma’Wendo.” Dibul posted.
Doria and Dibul have been a subject of envy from the social media in-laws seeing how well they treat each other, she indicated that a wedding may be around the corner.
Last year, Dibul gifted her girlfriend a car, they are yet to publicize this year’s gift, probably because of the troll the car received, many claimed that she had bought the car for herself and lied that Dibul had bought it for her.
The Trolls
Because of the trolls, Maggie confessed that she wished she had kept their relationship private, but since they are already out, she will just do other things on her own.
Like every couple, their relationship is not all rosy, Dorea revealed that she had to confront ladies she caught texting her man,
‘Women have been hitting on my bae including my friends. Sometimes I see their DM’s and am like ‘I wish I kept my relationship private,” she stated.
She explained that this friend was not the only one, as she also found many strings of messages on the same phone from other women and friends who were also aiming to snatch her man.
Dorea has been in the acting industry for over 6 years and came into the limelight after acting in the Citizen Tv Series Maria. She introduced Dibul after their video together went viral, Dibul is a Kikuyu DJ working for Kameme Tv.
 Her relationship with Dibul was the second serious relationship she ever had. She stated that she had dated her ex for five years before their messy fallout, and she admitted that she had thought that her previous relationship would end in marriage.
I had dated that guy for five years and nobody in the public knew.” She said. Answering a question about whether she shares clothes with her boyfriend, she laughed and stated that they share everything.”I love wearing his boxers and t-shirts, he wears my hoodies, socks, and sweatpants,” Doria said.

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