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Baby Mama drama as Karen Nyamu fly’s to Dubai to meet Samidoh

Post by : Leah Achieng

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh are an on and off couple with Nyamu having kids with the musician.governor of Mombasa Abdulswamad Nassir

Keeping up with the Samidoh‘s  baby mama drama is about to get more interesting this festive season as the singer and his women all congregate in Dubai this coming weekend.A few weeks back, Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu stated publicly that she and Samidoh’s rumoured USA ‘mpango wa kando’ Bernice Saroni will be going to Samidoh’s Dubai show.

Edday made the announcement while commenting on Bernice’s Facebook post marking the end of Samidoh’s recent tour of the USA. “Bernice Saroni Thanks so much gal for taking care of my hubby, you’re such an amazing soul, thanks to God the tour was successful. Can’t wait to see him we really miss him,” she wrote.

And now, Samidoh’s baby mama Karen Nyamu has made sure that it is going to be an awkward family reunion by also jetting off to Dubai- likely for the same show.The nominated senator posted on her Instagram story showing herself on an airplane, as the screens in front of her flashed with the words ‘Welcome to Dubai’.

For Karen, Dubai holds a special place for her and Samidoh’s relationship. This is where their relationship first got exposed. During the 2020 Christmas holidays, the playboy mugithi musician Samidoh was caught brazenly cheating on his wife with Karen while on Dubai boat trip.

Kelebrity obtained a surveillance video recorded sometime in December at a boat safari in the Arabian country. In the video, you see Samidoh with Karen as they looked totally smitten with each other. In the selfie video, Samidoh mades jokes as Karen got giggly. Karen laid her head on his shoulder and laughed out loud throughout the whole time.

The Affair

Of course the affair continued from there and two years later, the lovers have two children together.Going by a recent Insta story, Karen appears to have found the perfect way for Samidoh to deal with her and Edday and avoid conflicts with the two baby mamas.

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The nominated Senator has taken to her Insta story with a photo of a man standing between two women with matching outfits. What captures the attention however is how he has matched the outfit on his left with the woman standing on the left and the right with the woman standing on the right.

To drive the message home there is a caption that reads,” When you have two wives you don’t want any problem.” Perhaps there will be peace if Samidoh hearkens to Karen’s voice of reason and starts treating the two equally as the photo was suggesting.

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