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Amber Ray is Pregnant for Kennedy Rapudo

Post by : Leah Achieng

Socialite Amber Ray and her fiance Kennedy Rapudo as they this morning announced that they are expecting their first child together.The socialite posted photos of her and Kennedy being Cozy in the kitchen while she was holding a pregnancy test. Beside them were some cupcakes and a baby cloth next to them.

Fans and friends have flooded the comment section to congratulate the couple for the good news. Amber is already a mother of one and Kennedy as well is a father of one. This new baby will certainly complete their blended family. We congratulate the couple.

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Amber Ray and Rapudo have only gotten back together in the past few months after a brief split. Amber broke up with Rapudo in September for what he called “structural irreconcilable differences”. The two patched up their relationship only a month later after Rapudo apologized with a thousand roses.

Life happens right? Ideally speaking, we had structural irreconcilable differences but that doesn’t change who she is. She’s a very nice person with an amazing heart and a beautiful soul. Mine is to wish her happiness and God’s favor wherever she goes.”

So, what is Amber Ray’s secret that has got this boychild eating from her feet? Well, Rapudo inadvertently revealed it earlier. While on their lakeside baecation, the duo appeared in a video shot by Amber Ray for her Instagram.
The Love triangle
At one point, Amber Ray tells Rapudo that she loves him, and Rapudo passively replies that he loves her too. Apparently, he had never said the words before, and Amber Ray quickly caught it; “Babe you’ve said ‘I love you’!” she retorts.
Like a deer caught in headlights, Rapudo suddenly had a moment of clarity and gave out the most telling response as to why he is truly hooked on Amber Ray. And it has something to do with what he gets under the sheets. “Si ulininyima jana,” he blurts out.

In a past Youtube interview, Amber revealed that she had earlier gotten pregnant with her ex Jimal Roho Safi but the baby did not grow to term as she suffered  a miscarriage.

“I even got pregnant for the guy, and then that is when everything came to life, after that he now started posting the wife and the kids and i felt like something is not right.”

She went on to explain that she was going through a lot of mental torture because the man had told her that he was going through a divorce, which was not the case. She further stated that she is happy everything went that way because at that point she did not think that the relationship could possibly go any further, with or without her baby.
“Personally I feel like I prefer that it went that way because I don’t think ill ever have the strength to become a single mother because with the whole scenario, there is no way we could have ended up together.”

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