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17-year old girl stabs father to death over food

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Kirinyaga county, a 17 year old girl has been arrested by the police for allegedly killing her father in Ndindiruku village in mwea east sub-county.

According to the police commander in Mwea east sub county , Daniel Kitavi, the incident, occurred over the weekend when the form two student refused to serve her father food because her mother was not present.

The police commander said , the deceased, Justus Mutiso arrived home around 10:30pm drunk and begun demanding food from the girl but she refused as her mother was attending a night church.

The police commander stated that , after the dispute , the girl decided to go look for her mother who was 500 meters away at church.

The man was served well when the mother arrived but he was not convinced as to why the girl refused to serve him. As a result, the man attacked her and the girl stabbed him. Mutiso died while undergoing treatment at Kimbimbi sub-county hospital.

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Henry Kariuki, Kiarukungu chief stated that this is the first incident to happen ever since he was employed.

“we managed to recover the kitchen knife she used to kill her father with” he stated.

According to her family they had different opinions over the accident:

Her grandmother Veronicah Wanja, said that it is not the first time the man has attacked his daughter while Mutiso’s sister, Bancy Kanini, said the girl should have respected her father.

The 17-year old is being held at Wang’uru police station waiting to be arraigned in Wang’uru law court after investigations are completed.

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