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Aden Duale; Behind the curtain, What is takes to be worth 851 Million

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

On 17 October 2022,Adan Duale appears before the National assembly appointment committee for vetting. On the 28 of September 2022,He was nominated as the next cabinet secretary for Defence by president William Ruto. 

He states that most of his wealth is from his annual rental income of 10 million and Farms where he rears livestock. “I have livestock across Eastern and Ukambani. I even had to go and value my 231 camels somewhere in Kitui” Duale said.

The Questions

While appearing before the national assembly Vetting committee he was grilled about the following;

  1.  The terror list financier’s he was yet to make public.
  2. His nationality

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On the issue of Terror financiers,the Cabinet secretary nominee refuted  claims that he made such a promise. “At the time, I was with the leadership of North Eastern Kenya and what was said is that, we urged our communities to come out and help the government in identifying among the communities who are funding the terrorist. I do not have the capacity to conduct investigations on any individual ” Duale stated.

He later then addressed concerns on whether his ethnicity as a Somali would create a conflict of interested when dealing with the Alshabaab. He agreed that he is  a Kenyan Somali, but he was a Kenyan first .”Treat me as you would treat others, as I am not the first Somali to hold the position for defence. The late Yusuf Hajji led the docket and I will serve the people of Kenya in accordance with the constitution,” Duale declared.

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The defence nominee also responded to a number of other issues raised by committee members. Some of the issues included the contested Migingo island,  and sexual harassment in the Defence forces. If approved ,Aden Duale who oversaw the passage of 150 bills as the leader of majority, will have to resign from his current  position.

His History

Aden Duale is from Garissa county. He was first elected  in the year 2007 to represent Dujis constituency under the Orange Democratic movement. He was the second MP to be elected to represent the constituency in the National assembly. Adan defected from the ODM party to join United Republic Party led by his longtime friend President William Ruto .  Duale won back his seat in 2013 and proceeded to serve as the National Assembly Majority Leader under the Jubilee coalition from 2013 to 2017. He also served in the same position from 2017 to 2020. He was relieved of his duties during the 12 parliament for disloyalty to the former president.

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