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To be Listed or not; Battle for major Private companies as NSE Bell rings

Post by : Robert Kamau

Naivas Supermarkets. A company that is missing on the list of publicly traded companies at the NSE

It is a very heavy battle that has just been placed on the Nairobi securities Exchange by the president. The president will presiding over the NSE market space launch, challenged the securities platform. He indicated that the exchange has not listed any new company or entity in the last decade. In most developed countries in the world, Private companies aim to be listed in the Securities market and trade publicly.

This is not the case in Kenya. Most of the profit making organisations in Kenya are not listed in the Nairobi securities exchange. This trend makes Kenyans weary of the exchange market.

We look at the major private companies in the country that should already be listed in the securities exchange.

The Top Companies

  1. Bidco Africa Ltd:  Is East Africa’s leading manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Started in 1985 as a soap manufacturing plant in Nairobi, Bidco has continuously grown over the years to be the home of some of East Africa’s most loved brands across the edible oils & fats, Hygiene and Personal care and most recently Food and Beverage brands. The company has a strong presence in over 17 countries in East,Central and south Africa. It controls over 49% of the market share of the combined region. With this type of control Bidco is one of the largest companies in the country. This makes the company one of the most profitable companies in the country. However the company is a notable absentee in the Nairobi Securities Exchange.
  2. Keroche Breweries: is a Kenyan brewer and alcoholic beverages manufacturer. Founded in 1997 by Tabitha Karanja and her husband as a fortified wine maker, the company has grown to be the second largest alcoholic beverages producer in Kenya.[3] The company’s headquarters is located in NaivashaKenya. The company has a huge market share in the Alcoholic industry coming in after EABL. The company has a turnover of about 18 billion shillings annually.
  3. Baraka Flour Mills: This is a limited company that is known for its Elliot flour Brand. Baraka is on of the oldest companies in Kenya having been founded in the 1920’s. The company’s turnover is unknown but it is speculated to be over 1 billion shillings annually. 


Naivas Supermarkets. A company that is missing on the list of publicly traded companies at the NSEPhoto//Naivas Supermarkets. A company that is missing on the list of publicly traded companies at the NSE

  1. Naivas Supermarket: this is the largest supermarket chain in the country with over 84 branches and growing. The company which was founded a family business has been expanding and selling shares to private investors. according to Wikipedia the company has a Gross sales: US$860 million (2022). A recent change in ownership in the retail chain saw the company founders earn over 20 billion shillings.

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This four companies are among a list of very many companies that ought to have been listed by the NSE. This means that Kenyans are missing on an opportunity to invest in their most popular brands.

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