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Spanish Climber Back On The Surface After Spending 500 Days In A cave

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A Spanish mountain climber is back from underground. She emerged on Friday from a cave 70M(230feet) where she spent 500 days isolated from the outside world

The woman, Beatriz Flamini ,50, of Madrid, left the cave in the Southern Spain shortly after 9a.m. This was after her supporters told her that she had completed the feat she had set to back in November 21,2021.

The Spanish media revealed that what she did could set a new world record, but the claim is not yet confirmed.

The Spanish news agency Efe, reported that Beatriz was forced to pause the challenge after some 300 days an leave the cave for eight days due to a  technical problem. Efe reported that Beatriz spent eight days in a tent but had no contact with anyone before going back down after the problem was solved.

It was reported that it was impossible to communicate with Beatriz team, but it appears that she spent at least 500 underground with an interruption of eight days.

As she emerged from the cave, her first words including asking who would be paying for the celebratory round of beers. She decribed the experience of being cut off the world as “excellent , unbeatable”. She then said she be excused as she needed her first shower in more than 16 months.

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