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Shakahola: 10 Children Among 36 Autopsies Carried Out

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

As Shakahola autopsy examination continues for the victims of a suspected cult, 36 more bodies were processed on Tuesday.

Out of the 36 examinations, 18 were male, 17 were female and one victims gender was not recognized.

Chief Government Johansen Oduor, said that out of the total autopsies, 33 bodies were severely decomposed of which 10 of them were children and the rest adults.

He also revealed that the age of three remaining bodies could not be determined, due to the state of their decomposition.

Oduor also noted that out of 10 minors who bodies were discovered, one was a foetus.

The Victims

In regards to the cause of death for the victims, Mr. Oduor revealed that 15 of them died as a result of starvation while one appeared to have developed complications resulting from a respiratory disease.

“18 of them were unable to state the cause of death, however, we could see features of starvation , in 14 of the victims while one of them had some head injury.” he said.

“We took samples for further analysis which include DNA since we are unable to state the identity of some persons which DNA will help us to.”

Mr. Oduor however noted that they could not identify the cause of death for 18 bodies due to the state of decomposition.

He said one body was fresh since the victim had died inward due to tuberctlosisis. He was rescued on Monday in the forest in a bad state with features of dehydration and starvation.

Shakahola massacre, dubbed one of the worst tragedies the country has gone through, where a controversial pastor Paul Mackenzie told his followers to fast to death in order to see God, which has resulted to the deaths of more than 235 people and over 600 people reported missing.

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