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Scientist Revive 48,500 year-old ‘Zombie Virus’ buried in Ice

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Climate Change Might bring the world to a brink of death.

Due to Ice melting in the world, frozen viruses from long ago have started been exposed to the world and they may cause a serious threat to the world.

In Serbia, region of Russia , over two dozen of pre historic viruses were discovered by researchers from the French National Centre For Scientific Research.

The ‘zombie virus’ had been trapped deep within the Siberian Permafast for 50,000 years.

They made the foreboding discovery within ice cores deep underground in Serbia

Photo// New viruses discovered by researchers.

The preprint study revealed 13- never seen before viruses that had been laying dormant within the ice for tens of thousands of years are now been brought back.

The researchers revived a virus that was 48, 500 years old called Pandora virus Yedoma

In 2014, the same researchers found a 30,000 -year-old virus trapped in the permafrost and found that, after all that time , it was still able to infect organisms.

Now, with the new thirteen viruses, in hand, scientists are thawing them out to asses their impacts on public health.

Climate Change

Photo// Climate Change Affecting the World Causing Ice To thaw

However, the find raised a real worry to the world.

As the permanently frozen ground melts, the ice is releasing chemicals and microbes that were trapped there.

This is happening more because of climate change and could include releasing more ancient virus that no one knows about.

The team of researchers from Russia, Germany and France, said the biological risk of reanimating the viruses they studied was ‘Totally Negligible’ due to strains they targeted mainly those capable of infecting amoeba microbes.

The potential revival of a virus could infect animals or humans is much more problematic , they said warning that their work can be extrapolated to show the danger is real.

“It is thus likely that ancient permafrost will release unknown viruses upon thawing,” they wrote in an article posted to the pre print repository bioRxiv.

Those ‘Zombie Viruses’ could be potentially dangerous to humans , the researchers warned and some have already claimed lives.

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