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“Intern doctors earn more than new doctors” Health CS

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Newly appointed Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha, has highlighted some inconsistencies she has come across the ministry.

Speaking on JKL, Nakhumicha said she is a aware of a memo notifying interns that training for financial year 2022/2023 has been frozen and been looked into.

“Kenya is a country where interns earn more than actual doctors when they are deployed . For example, a medical intern earns close to Ksh 200,000 while a new doctor reporting earns ksh104,000.” Nakhumicha said.

“Those inconsistencies are the things that will need to be looked into,” she added.

In addition to that, the view has attracted the attention of Kenya Medical Association (KMA) which now wants to meet Nakhumicha to discuss the said inconsistencies.

Furthermore, the CS talked about the challenges of universal health coverage where she urged Kenyans to be patient and make sacrifices as the results will be seen in years to come.

“There are some tough decisions we will take right now. But, will see results in 5-10 years. As we journey together , I request for their indulgence and sacrifices,” she said.

Susan took over the ministry from Mutahi Kagwe who steered the country through the pandemic period. Her work is already cut out and her top priority is a clean up of Afya House, which is perceived as a corruption hot spot.

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