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Raila Faults DP Gachagua After Goons Attack His Company and Kenyatta Farm

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Raila Odinga has blamed Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua following Monday’s invasion raid of Kenyatta’s family land and his East Africa Spectre Limited gas plant.

The invaders attacked the Kenyatta land along Nairobi Eastern Bypass, cut down trees and made away with sheep on Monday morning , hours after which his gas plant company was attacked and a number of windows shattered.

According to the party leader, Gachagua sponsored the goons to fight him, and former President Uhuru Kenyatta, whom the DP has been quoted saying is behind Azimio’s anti-government protests.

“These crowds sent goons today to Uhuru Kenyatta’s farm. They have also resorted to sending people to my Spectre factory. That is a act of crime and stupidity,”Odinga told protestors in Nairobi Kibera area.

“We have followed the constitution in our politics and protests. Those invading other people’s farms and factories are cowards. Mr. Gachagua, the so called child of the Mau Mau!,” he added.


He said that the opposition will not be cowed saying,” As Azimio, we soldier on regardless.”

Raila accused the D.P of planning a major operation of mayhem against the Azimio protests.

He said an Armory and command Centre had been established in two different locations, which he claims were being stocked with all manner of weapons, ranging from  guns , pangas and machetes.

In a tweeted message, the opposition leader went on to claim the weapons are being transported to the locations abroad a vehicle camouflaged as an ambulance.

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