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President Ruto To Raila “If Calling You “My Brother” Will Help Stop Demonstrations I’ll Do it 10Times More”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

President Ruto has told Azimio Leader Raila Odinga if calling him “My Brother” will help stop the antigovernmental protests he will do it many times.

Speaking during an Iftar dinner with Muslim community in State House on Monday, he said that the protests are hindering efforts of the governments is making towards lowering the high cost of living among Kenyans.

If using the term “My Brother”  will end the protests the President as vowed to use it until the rivalry between them is over.

“I asked my brother Raila Odinga to call of the protests, because they are destroying peoples property and businesses, there is a lot of bloodshed,” he said.

“If calling Raila Odinga “My brother” is what will help him to stop the protests and chaos so that people’s businesses do not get damaged, then I will call him “My Brother” ten times more , I will even add “My Dear Brother.”


The president also said that as a nation, we cannot make gains in having a conducive environment for Kenyans to operate their business if the political protests keep on happening.

“We want peace and calm in our country so that we concentrate on important things, we plan the economy, agriculture, we create jobs and other important things to our citizens,” said Ruto.


the head of state has urged Azimio leader Raila to call of the protests , proposing a bipartisan parliamentary sitting to allow the opposition to talk it out.

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