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Azimio’s Chief Agent Ole Kanchory Claims Raila Odinga Won The Presidency But Gave It Away

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Saitabao Ole Kanchory Azimio’s Party Chief Agent speaks about the 2022 General Election. He talks about what he calls disorganization and internals squabbles in Odina’s campaign machine which he claims made him loss the presidential seat.

In a book titled “Why Baba is Not The 5th” released on Wednesday, the chief agent calls the 9 August Elections a “tragicomedy” on Azimio’s part. During the August Elections William Ruto was declared the President.

He says Raila Odinga , who was vying for the country’s presidential seat, for the fifth time , with the help of is second running mate Martha Karua, lost the seat because of lack of proper strategy and organization in his campaign team that had staff at the command center and poll agents.

“Elections in Kenya are won nor lost; they’re taken. Baba gave it away. He won , yes , but he gave it away. Presidential elections are there for those who are prepared to take it. There has never been an election in Kenya in the last nearly 20 years that has been won, all of them have been taken,’ Kanchory revealed during an interview with KTN News to promote the book.

William Ruto was declared the President by former IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati on August 15. He had 7,176,141 votes wich represented 50.49% of the votes cast.

Raila Odinga came in second with 6,942,930 , which represents 48.95% of the votes cast.

Azimio Party Leader Raila Odinga claimed that some of the votes were stole, filing a petition at the Supreme Court challenging the wins, but the court denied Raila’s petition for lack of evidence which saw the President William Ruto take oath of office on September 13.

Azimio’s Downfall

According to Kanchory, Azimio assumed that they were automatic winners of the polls. He accuses Raila and Martha of being out of church with the much needed details of the presidential campaign and letting a disorganized team handle matters.

In the book, Kanjory mentions how neither Baba nor Marta personally joined the deliberations as nation chief team agents, at the center or called to inquire more about the process.

He also claims that the command center  was “flying like crazy”, it was “hijacked” and they was a push or pull on who would control the resources.

“It is not that the command center was not given resources, but the national chief agents teams of five; myself, Oduor Ong’wen, Dr. Caroline Karugu , Prof Isaiah wa Kindiki and Paul Mwangi, were kept out of the command center ” the chief agents writes

He partly takes responsibility for the work of Odinga’s campaign machine , telling KTN News “I cannot extricate from lame. However, I was not the candidate.”

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