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‘Prayers Don’t Cure HIV”- National Disease Council Warns Kenyans

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Prayers are believed to cure diseases, but not all diseases can be cured through prayers without medication.

The National Disease Control Council has warned Kenyans on relying on prayers to cure HIV.

In a report, the council said unverified claims of faith healing HIV  have contributed to their loss of lives. They encourage infected persons to adhere to their prescribed (ART) to help prevent the virus from  spreading.

According to the council, infected persons who fail to follow their prescriptions plan suffer irreversible consequences  such as damage to their body organs.


Photo// HIV cannot be cured prayers. Photo Courtesy

“While we admit that prayers are useful  for the spiritual, psychological and social well-being  of most believers, unverified claims of faith healing  for HIV have previously resulted in unnecessary loss of lives. to date, we have no prove HIV cure that can be scaled up,’ the reports read.

‘The National Syndemic Diseases Control Council urges all people living with HIV to adhere to their Anti-Retroviral Therapy(ART), while ART is not a cure, it can reduce the amount of the virus in the blood to undetectable levels and stop the virus from replicating preventing HIV from progressing to AIDs,’ the statement added.

They also insist that patients should follow the prescribed treatment plan, they called on members of the faith communities to work closely with believer’s to help eradicate HIV-related stigma.

Furthermore, they urged citizens to undergo HIV testing to know their status and seek treatment plan if found positive.

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