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Omicron Cases Detected in Kenya among Travellers: Mutahi says

Post by : Ann Njambuya

While addressing the council of governors in Mombasa,Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has informed the Governors that the omicron variant of  Covid 19 has been detected among travellers in Airports.

The omicron Variant was first identified in South Africa and spread to some of the neighbouring countries. After the variant was detected most European nations and north america nations  red listed countries from Southern Africa. This move was criticised heavily by the Kenyan President who indicated that it was not time to close down our borders but to strive and work together to fight and eliminate this global pandemic.

Evaluation the Variant

The CS indicated that he is in talks with his counter parts from countries that have already reported the omicron variant and he indicated that they are informing him of how the variant is spreading fast.

CS mutahi kagwe in Function in mombasa where he addressed the council of Governors in relation to the omicron Variant.
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe in Function in Mombasa

He also indicated that scientist and medical practitioners from the country are still evaluating and observing the variant in our labs to determine how to deal with it. The CS echoed the remarks that were made by the president during his state of the Nation Address where he indicated that the country will not go into another lock down as it had been the case.


There is a bright side to this as the variant has been observed to be less mild than other variants that have existed before it. Kenya has been lock downed partially during the onset of the pandemic a fact that affected the Economy negatively.

The government of Kenya through the ministry of health is targeting to vaccinate about 10 million Kenyans by the end of the year 2021. so far the ministry has been able to vaccinate a Little over 8 million Kenyans with more and more Kenyans turning out to be vaccinated.

With the Omicron Variant Kenyans are being asked to get vaccinated as it is the only way that we can get lead of this global pandemic.

Let us be our brothers Keeper and get vaccinated.

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