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Nakuru: Drama is witnessed as Family Abandons Body of A Kin At businessman Hotel Over Ksh400K debt

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Nakuru, residents near Bondeni Estate witnessed drama , after a family abandoned a casket containing their Kin, at a local eatery over a huge debt of Ksh.400K.

The family dropped the coffin at the business place in protest of what they termed as reluctance by the owner to pay the money.

Speaking to members of press, the family claimed that the late had lent the businessman his life savings.

Photo// Family abandons Kin in a Business eatery over a huge debt of Ksh.400k. Photo Courtesy

The deceased, Richard Ogendi, aged 60, died two weeks before he could be paid back the amount he saved in a micro saving group.

Ogendi, who was a  boda-boda business man, is said to have saved the money in the group for about eight years and while trying to recover the money, the hotel businessman had many excuses.

The business man Simon Waweru, has been avoiding the family.

“Since, Richard’s death, the businessman has been avoiding us. That is why we decided to leave my uncle’s remains here. we do not want the full amount paid, but for him to commit to settling the debt,” Mobegi cousin to the deceased said.

Simon, alias “Baba Martin” is said to have fled when the family arrived at his hotel early Monday morning.

Photo// Family Abandons kin in a local eatery claiming the owner owes the deceased a debt of Ksh.400k. Photo Courtesy

The OCPD Martin Masika, confirmed the incident, saying the police urged the family members of the deceased to either take the body for burial or return t to the morgue and lodge a civil case after laying their loved one to rest.

Residents who witnessed the drama , said that Waweru who is the founder of the micro saving group, had conned other members of the public of their hard earned money.

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