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Drama As Gloria Orwoba Kicked Out Of Senate For Dressing Inappropriately

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

During the Senate Plenary Session, on Tuesday, drama arose as Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba was kicked out for wearing what appeared to be a stained attired.

The senator attended the session in a white blazer, green top, and a matching white trouser that was however sporting a red stain.

The matter was was brought to attention by fellow Nominated Senator Tabitha Mutinda, who sought directions from the speaker Amason Kingi on the dress code.

The Senator termed Orwoba’s dressing as ‘inappropriate” and “indecent”, going ahead to even add that she was disturbed as a woman.

Photo// Nominated Senator Tabitha Mutinda. Photo Courtesy

“I stand seeking guidance on the speaker’s rule in regards to the dress code, and I need to seek advice if Senate Gloria is appropriately dressed for the House,” she said.

“As a Woman and a senator, I find it very uncomfortable, very inappropriate , for our colleague, Senator Gloria to step in and you don’t understand if she’s on the normal woman cycle or it is faking it, and it is so indecent. It disturbs me, as a woman, on what we indicate out there to our younger generation that looks upon us on how we dress, as leaders, in this House. there is a better way to bring.”

Senators Disturbed

The Senator was not the only one feeling disturbed as, Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua, and his Narok Counterpart agreed with her, opinioned that Ms. Orwoba should at the very least covered herself after noticing that she had stained her attire, as she alleged.

“We have wives and daughters, and they go through these cycles, but it’s a matter to be managed personally without exposing it to other people. What Senator Gloria has done to this house is a disgrace, it is a lot of this House. This must not be allowed to happen,” said Wambua.

Senator ole Kina alleged that Gloria was not actually on her menstrual cycle, but was doing a stunt on purpose to put across a point.

Her Defense
Photo// Senator Gloria’s Inappropriate clothing. Photo Courtesy

However, Senator, Gloria, found fault with her colleague, who had criticized her noting that what she was undergoing was a natural exercise for all women that one should not be shamed about.

She also went ahead and accused her fellow Senator of subjecting her to ‘period stigma’ which she says affects many women.

“I think I’m dressed as per the standing orders; I’m covered. I have a suit, I have collars, I’m just short of a tie. I’m disappointed because the point of order that is being raised to try and attack an accident that is natural…I have stained my clothes…I just want to know, while we’re discussing this issue that is not even in the Order Paper, is it because Senators are not women who have periods. Because then maybe I should not be in this house,” she stated.

However, the senator was not permanently ejected from the Senate Plenary Session, as the Speaker merely asked her to leave the chambers to go change her outfit and return.

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