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Musalia Mudavadi presidential Launch,OKA in shambles

Post by : Ann Njambuya

ANC Party boss Musalia Mudavadi has set a date for the launch of his presidential bid. Musalia has declared this through his twitter account where he indicated that he is going to make announcement during the ANC National Delegates conference. The ANC NDC will be held on the 23rd of January 2022 at the Bomas of Kenya conference facilities.

During the NDC the party is expected to endorse Mudavadi’s presidential bid as we have seen with other parties in the country. Wiper party endorsed Kalonzo’s presidential bid during the party’s NDC held at Karasani.

KANU and FORD-Kenya have also endorsed their party leaders presidential bid in a bid to solidify their influence as they head into the negotiating table.


In the Kenya political scene a party with a presidential candidate in the ballot is set to acquire more political seat across 6 elective seats. This factor has made many political parties front presidential candidates with the hope of having a stake at either the county assembly or county level or at the national level.

According to his twitter page, Musalia Mudavadi has been counting the days with a huge portrait indicating the number of days remaining until the said date. A major announcement is coming, Mudavadi was heard saying to his supporters during his recent tour of Nyamira.

Musalia Mudavadi presidential Launch bid poster.
Musalia Mudavadi/ Photo courtesy Mudavadi twitter page


In the event that Mudavadi declares his bid as it is expected, the One Kenya alliance stiff will continue to increase as the parties will haven’t yet settled on a preferred flag bearer.

Whether Musalia will OKA’s  preferred candidate it seems as if the ANC boss is ready and determined to have his name appear on the presidential ballot on august 9th 2022.



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