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Moving on; Harmonize introduces new Girlfriend to the world

Post by : Leah Achieng

Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul Kahal, popularly known as Harmonize, has left fans guessing after sharing a video hinting that his lover Fridah Kajala is pregnant.

Just when we thought the dust was settling in regards to Harmonize break up with Kajala, the singer has disturbed the peace as he introduced his new girlfriend to his followers on social media.

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The Kwangwaru hitmaker has taken to Instagram with some juicy photos of him and his new catch by the name of Feza Kessy. Going by her Instagram bio, Feza is an upcoming Tanzanian artist.Feza has also uploaded a short video clip on her Insta stories with Harmonize applying some gel on her nails.

The Followers

His followers have rushed to the comment section and going by their reaction many are amazed at how he took the phrase ‘kuoga na kurudi soko’ seriously.Considering Feza is also an artist many have been left wondering whether she is indeed his new girlfriend or they are just trying to clout chase.

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Harmonize broke up with Kajala Fridah less than two months ago, a break up that was followed by a drama concerning the ownership of a range rover sport car Harmonize had bought her.

The singer had bought Kajala the car in his attempt to win her back which eventually worked. Back then he said that the cars were not a bribe but just a symbol of his love for Kajala as he also knew that they were her dream cars. One of them was allegedly auctioned as the payments were not cleared and the one that remained is now being debated.

In his attempt to win her over, Harmonize went on to buy her a gold chain but still hit a wall. The Kwangwaru hitmaker then decided to go further by buying Kajala a new Range Rover Vogue with customized plaits of Kajala’s name.
The controversial post 
In a video, he posted on Instagram displaying the car Harmonize accompanied by a long caption seeking forgiveness from Kajala for the wrong things he did before they went their separate ways. He insisted that he is still in love with her despite everything.
It is not clear why the two broke up as Harmonize dismissed the claims that he cheated on her with a video vixen.The vixen, in an interview, was bragging about how better she is than Kajala and how Harmonize loves her. The duo is said to have met when shooting his ‘Amelowa‘ music video.
However, Harmonize has denied knowing the girl, he has stated that they have never met after the video and asked her to be humble.

“B*tch I don’t know you, stop talking about your brother who just helped you kutimiza about ndoto zako. Niheshimu basi you are too much Lol.”

Now seeing the singer has been in countless relationships and all have been ending in a similar style, we will wait to see if perhaps he has finally found his miss right or if it will end in tears like it has been the case for all others before this.

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