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Trouble in Paradise? Willis Raburu spotted with his Ex-wife in Nairobi

Post by : Leah Achieng

Media personality Willis Raburu was recently spotted at the same joint as his ex-wife Marya Prude. The two did not appear to be together

Media personality Willis Raburu was recently spotted at the same joint as his ex-wife Marya Prude. The two did not appear to be together but the fact that they were under the same roof attracted the attention of their fans.

The two were at Otile Brown’s performance at a club in Nairobi. Willis posted the event on his Instagram while Marya Prude was tagged by a friend who was also in the event in a video of them together.

It has been a while since the two went their separate ways in a very dramatic fashion. The media personality recently had an interview where he addressed the reason behind their separation.

Talking to Massawe Japani, Willis narrated how the loss of their child affected them in a major way. He says after the loss they kind of lost touch with each other and as time went by they grew more and more apart.

He explained that that was the darkest time of his life as he experienced unimaginable pain to a point of deciding to file for divorce.

I  lost touch and that led to many other issues, I initiated the process of divorce and all respect to her. Nobody goes into marriage with hopes to come out. I am happy that sometimes we lost ourselves. We divorced officially and I moved on.

The minute Willis Raburu and Marya Prude went public with their relationship; fans decided to keep up with them.  Especially after their secret wedding. Fast forward to a few months later, and the two were expecting a baby. The two kept their pregnancy a secret until they dropped the bombshell and revealed they had lost their baby during birth. The couple decided to get matching tattoos to pay tribute to their lost child, Adana.

Suggestive Quotes
In between that, it came to the public’s attention that they were going separate ways. What followed was Marya posting suggestive quotes on social media and many wondered whether they were directed to his ex, Willis Raburu.
Willis moved on to start a new life with Ivy Namu. Ivy and Willis have been ruling the internet streets for a while now, mostly because of how abrupt their relationship was on the net.

For one, the two did not leak their own relationship, things between them were kept secret for the most part until someone leaked to Edgar Obare that Willis had moved on from Marya Prude a short time after announcing their separations, and had even gotten another woman pregnant!
As expected, people initially did not take well to their relationship, instead, they were attacked by many because it felt as if Marya and Willis had just broken up and lost their baby. There were also rumors that some Infidelity was involved in the case as well.
So to them, Marya had been left in the dust all alone, while Willis moved on to his happy ever after with a new woman who birthed him a child.

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