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Man Who Planted LGBTQ Flag On Mt. Kenya Vows To Do It Again

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The LGBTQ flag that was planted on Mt. Kenya has been brought now. However the action did not go unnoticed by the man who planted it there. He now vows to repeat the same action again.

Speaking on Twitter,@juelz_loverl, who alongside his friend , planted the original flag back in 2019, says he will do it again , terming the act of pulling it down as “nonsense”

“In 2019  we(Alex and I) put the flag on Mt. Kenya .All this nonsense of it being taken down , I’ve decided in 2023 i am going back up Mt. Kenya to put the flag!” read the tweet.

Over the weekend, a group of Kikuyu traditionalists destroyed the flag alleged to represent the LGBTQ Community.

The team, under the banner of Booi Wa Kirira Kia Mugikuyu,(the gathering for Kikuyu culture, had I the last one month been raising funds for them to scale the mountain and remove the flag.

The group about 10 climbers went up the mountain on Friday April 7, and came back on Sunday , April 9, with the flag that was set on fire at Naromoru, Kieni East Sub-county, Nyeri County.

Cleansing right were done by the elders. They said the ashes from the burnt flag would be thrown into the river that flows to the Indian Ocean.

According to Kikuyu Culture, Mt. Kenya is the abode of Mwenenyaga, their deity. Kikuyu traditionalists pray facing the mountain.

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