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19-year old Student Loses Testicle After A Punishment In School

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Kisii County, a 19-year old student from Nyabisia Secondary School in Bobasi is nursing his injuries after he was severely punished for malpractice in exams.

The student who is currently admitted at Hema Hospital after one of his testicles was removed by doctors, revealed what happened when he was in the hands of  his teachers.

He said during the examinations at the school, students got access to a circulating leaked paper before one of the teachers caught him with some other students.

The student unfolded the incident how five teachers, including his math teacher and the school’s security guard , attacked him, with kicks and blows before he was taken to the school’s ‘torture chamber’ where he was tied to a log, both limbs apart to make him unable to move when he received his beatings.

He said that he pleaded with the teachers to instead cancel his papers but all that fell on deaf ears, when one of the teachers laid a sharp blow blow below his belt to an extent that he couldn’t walk anymore.

The Doctors from the hospital revealed that they had to completely remove one of the testes since it was completely damaged as a result of   severe beatings.

Police revealed that when the teachers realized that they had completely hurt the student, they told the victim not to report the matter to the school head.

The have launched a man hunt for the teachers who harmed the  young student.

The Police commander has vowed to arrest the culprits.

Cases of students been injured in schools have been on the rise for the past several months.

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