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Man Unburies Dead Sister-In-Law , Dumps Remains At The Door Of His Ex-Wife

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Migori Police are in search of a man who is accused of unburying the body of his sister-in-law, who was buried 12 years ago.

The man separated with his wife Monica Adhiambo three years ago over family disputes.

He is suspected of exhuming the body of his sister-in-law Joan Apondi, who was buried in his land, and was left in at the door of Adhiambo.

Monica revealed that she was aware that her ex-husband whom was planning to bring the remains of her sister because he had visited her earlier, threatened her for refusing to get back together with him

She also said that the deceased’s  sister was not married, and was buried at the man’s home after her husband agreed with his in-laws.

Adhiambo’s mother said she is waiting for the direction from the police adding that she is willing to bury the remains of her daughter in her own land.

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