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Man Dies Attempting To Drink 21 Cocktails In One Go

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A British national lost his life in a bizarre way, after attempting to down 21 cocktails, featured on a bar’s menu, while on vocation in St. Ann Jamaica.

Reports done revealed the man, Timothy Southern bumped into two Canadian women at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean who were attempting to clear the drink menu as part of birthday festivities.

It remains unclear how the duo  convinced Southern, to partake in the challenge but the New Yok Post reports that the deceased drunk 12 cocktails before retiring to his hotel room.

Timothy had also reportedly been drinking both brandy and beer before participating in the cocktail challenge.

After The Drinking

Things went south after Timothy, called it a night, his family who were also at the resort said.

“He was  on his back chocking. I put him in the recovery position and screamed for an ambulance. He was making a gurgling sound. As soon as he was in the recovery position, he vomited. I was shouting his name with no response,” one of southern’s Kin is quoted as saying by the New York Post.

‘When the nurse arrived, I said had an ambulance been called and she said ‘no’. I thought she would take over. But that was not the case. I noticed he was starting to lose temperature. I checked his pulse and couldn’t find it,” the relative added.

According to Southern’s Kin’s , Timothy did not live to the next day, he however criticized the resort for being ill-prepared and equipped to handle such an incident.

A post mortem conducted on Timothy, revealed that he passed away from “acute gastroenteritis due to alcohol consumption.”

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