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Lang’ata: Cop Kills Colleague’s wife, his Girlfriend Before Shooting Himself

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A shocking incident occurred were a police officer shot hos colleague’s wife , his girlfriend before turning the gun to him.

The police officer was attached to Langata Police station, on Sunday March he shot dead his colleague’s wife, before killing his girlfriend.

According to a police report, the officer who was on night duties around Cleanshelf area, first killed his colleague’s wife, before locking himself in his house where he shot dead his girlfriend seven times before turning the gun on himself.

“It was reported by the Deputy Officer IP Alice Wanjau that she heard gunshots from Mugumoini chief’s camp as she was dispatching officers for night duties.”

“She informed SCPC lang’ata and OCS lang’ata respectively, they rushed to the camp which was a few residential houses for officers and found that No 224377 CPL Mark Mulanda of Lang’ata police station who had been deployed for night duties at call sign had shot two women and turned the gun on himself,” The police report read.

The officer is said to have excused himself to pick an item from his home where he committed the crime.

“At the scene, the officers first shot twice at one Fiona Chepkoech, wife to Enock Tirop outside his house and then locked his house from inside where he shot his girlfriend.

“He shot Rhoda Machumba Chepchumba (girlfriend) aged 28 seven times before he turned the gun to himself and shot one round at the neck which exited from the back using his AK S/NO 17-2306  loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition at the time of issue,’ the report added.

The motive behind the heinous act is yet to be established.

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