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KNH to dispose unclaimed dead bodies

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

If you have lost a loved one , family member and still  have not found them, its best to search the KNH morgue for the hospital has given 21 days for the bodies to be claimed, the unclaimed  will have a mass burial.

According to the hospitals CEO Evanson Kamuri, the unclaimed bodies comprise of people who died between January and October. Some been baby’s from the newborn unit.

Over 233 unclaimed bodies have been lying at the (KNH) mortuary in Nairobi for about four months and are about to be off in a mass burial.

The hospital says the bodies have not been claimed and comprise of 217 children as well as 16 adults.

Reason for the disposal

According the CEO, the facility is seeking to create more space at its crowded morgue, been the largest facility in the county, KNH receives a number of emergency cases including victims of road accidents, hit and runs, brought in either by police or a good Samaritans.

Dr. Kamuri has  released a list of bodies names, urging the families to collect them within three weeks ahead of the mass burial . He said a list of the names is available at the KNH farewell home, they can also be accessed through the institutions website.

The announcement comes just over a month after the Nairobi county government disposed 236 unclaimed dead bodies lying within city morgues.

A notice issued on September, the county said 218 unclaimed bodies were at Nairobi city mortuary and 18 others at the mama Lucy hospital mortuary.

The cause of death ranges from road accidents, drunk driving, hit and run, drowning, murder , drunk walking ,mob injustice among others.

Furthermore, the bodies  received in the morgues, were in the period between March 2021 and March 2022, having been registered in various police stations.

According to the Public Health Act, an unclaimed body is removed from a mortuary within 2 weeks.

It rises questions why over the 233 bodies in KNH, a huge number of them are children , why is it very many children are dead?

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