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Drama continues in Meru county as Reconciliation Meeting is cancelled

Post by : Robert Kamau

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is at the end of the road. She hascalled for a consultative meeting comprising of Elected political leaders in Meru county.

The people of Meru county and Kenya in general will continue enjoying unlimited drama from Meru county. a tussle has been ensuing between the governor and the county assembly of Meru. The members of the county assembly accused the governor of imperialism and negligence. This tussle has been going on for the last one month.

Political Leaders, Church leaders and Elders have been trying to create some have been trying to create harmony between both parties. A first meeting has been conducted between the governor and the senior leaders of the assembly. A meeting consisting of all the political leaders had been scheduled for November 3rd 2022. The meeting has however, been cancelled with the governor citing busy schedules for the participants.

The county assembly had just rejected 7 out the 10 nominees submitted to the assembly for vetting.The MCAs on Tuesday only approved Governor Mwangaza’s CECM nominees for Education, Public Service, and Finance; throwing the county boss back to the drawing board.

However, to ensure delivery of services to Meru residents is not slowed down, the Governor has restructured her ministries by reducing them from 10 to only 6 dockets.

She has since assigned the 3 CECM nominees passed by the House other ministries under acting capacity, also designating her Deputy Governor Rev. Isaac Mutuma the Health docket in the same manner.


Governor Mwangaza further announced that the reconciliation meeting she recently called with the MCAs, Members of Parliament, and Senator at her official residence has been cancelled.

This decision, she said, was arrived at after the MCAs reportedly turned down her invite saying they are very busy in their respective wards.The same case applied to the Meru County MPs as well as Senator Kathuri Murungi who allegedly responded saying they have busy schedules and hence are not available.

The MPs are said to have questioned the manner in which communication about the meeting was done, claiming they first saw it on social media before actually receiving the invites.

They further cited the purported venue of the meeting as inappropriate, noting that a consultative forum of such magnitude could not be held at Governor Mwangaza’s residence.

Elsewhere, the Interfaith Council, Meru Chapter, have called for a reconciliation of the county leaders, urging them to come together for the betterment of the county.

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