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Kabarak University’s Facebook Page Back In Their Possesion

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

After a long struggle with an hacker, Kabarak University have their Facebook page back.

The University announced on Tuesday it  had reclaimed its access to its Facebook page after a hacker took it over during the weekend.

Vice-Chancellor Henry Kiplangat said the page had been reclaimed after a joint operation by the university’s cyber security team and experts from Fakebook’s parent company Meta.

‘The team worked tirelessly and deployed a wide range of cyber security measured to recover the taken over Facebook account within the shortest time possible. The recovery tool sleepless nights and ling days,” The V.C said in a statement.

He stated that the hack had “Posed the imminent danger of loss of trust from the stakeholders and the general public.”

He also said that the institution has resolved to have cyber security training in partnership with Meta.


During the weekend, the hacker posted on the page, which has over 75,000 followers, saying they were “just having fun” and the university had to give them $500(ksh.68,000) to regain access to the page.

“I will not return this account, but I challenge all of you to reclaim this account immediately , regards a student from one of Jakarta’s IT-based high school.

At the time, the page still had the University’s name but the page’s profile picture was changed to a self portrait photo of an Asian man.

On Tuesday, the page blew the internet after photos of local politicians were shared along audacious captions.

One of the photos posted was of The Deputy President, the hacker wrote: Naibu rice, making Kenyans questions whether the person behind the hack was actually from Indonesia or just a Kenyan.

Kabarak has fully restored its profile picture to the universities logo and pulled down the hacker’s post.

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