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Inside : Ruto’s Plan to provide cheap Smartphones at 5000 shillings

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

President William Ruto’s government promises to improve technology in Kenya.

He says that Kenya will be the biggest producers of Africa’s cheapest smartphone in the next one year.

On Thursday November 10, the president spoke during the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(KNCCI) Annual General Meeting in Nairobi.

He said the government is in talks to see that this comes to pass.

“The real mile in technology, is the gadget and we are already working with our telecommunications sector so that we can have a smartphone that is going to be less than 5000,” the head of state said.

He also added saying the smartphone will do everything you want.

The president said Kenyans can expect the cheap smartphone in 8-12 months time.

“I want to promise the country that in the next 8-12 months , we will have the cheapest smartphone in Africa manufactured in Kenya,” he said.

The head of state said his administration is looking at having all the government services online in the same period.

He said currently about 15% of the government services can be accessed online and in their manifesto they promised to have at least 80% of the services online.

Ruto also said they will use digital platforms in tax collection.

“We are working on it and by Gods grace between 6 and 12 months we will have moved 90% of all government services onto the digital platform and ensure that from the comfort of your home, you can access the government services¬† without having to travel to any government office,” Ruto said.

The president noted that technology is the solution to country’s economy growth and development.


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