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Visa free travel to South Africa for Kenyans from January

Post by : Robert Kamau

Kenyans are now going to enjoy visa free travel to South Africa. This comes after a high level meeting held between the south African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Kenya President William Ruto. The talks held in Nairobi,Kenya seeks to remove travel restrictions for Kenyans wishing to visit the south African country.

Visa restrictions for Kenyans will seize to exist as from January 2023. From then Kenyans can be able to enter the southern country visa free for ninety (90) days. On their part South Africans have been enjoying visa free travel to Kenya for the last five years. Visa restrictions for south Africans were removed in 2017 by the then president Uhuru Kenyatta.

It was the dream of Kenyatta to have a united Africa that was seamless in terms of trade and travel among Africans. Although the retired president didn’t see the benefits while in office it seems Kenyans will continue enjoying the fruits of his dreams.

Majority of Kenyans have expressed their discomfort with the visa requirements to travel to S.A. They claim that the visa processing is quite length and quite is more than often expensive. The Southern Nation says that the visa requirements are there to protect their country from unregulated immigration.

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This decision to allow Kenyans visa free entry could see the Kenyan passport improve greatly. According to a research report release in July, the Kenyan passport was ranked as the favourite in Africa and 76th Globally. Kenyans can only travel to 72 countries Visa free in the Whole world.

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