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Gain for Livestock Farmers as OMAN lifts ban on Kenyan Exports

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Livestock Framers in Kenya are smiling all the way to the bank as the gulf country of OMAN lifted the 16 year ban on live livestock from Kenya. the ban had been placed on Kenyan livestock due to the presence of very contagious diseases among our livestock.

Oman which is the food capital of the Gulf has restarted importing live animals from the country a move that will increase the country’s exports. this move comes at a time when the country and the Economy is recovering from the effects of covid-19.

According to Agriculture principal secretary Harry Kimtai the Lamu port will be used in  exporting these animals. the PS indicated that the Mombasa port doesn’t have the requisite facilities that can be used in the export of live animals.

The use of Lamu port will be a welcome sight to the people of Northeast who are mainly nomads and deal with huge herds of cattle and livestock in general. also the residents of the area will enjoy an increase in security since the government will be keen on improving the security of the region in a bid to encourage investors to work in the area.

Lamu Port will the transit point for all livestock that will be leaving the country heading to oman.
Photo// A ship being received at the newly constructed Lamu port

Lamu port is part of the ambitious LAPPSET project that is part of the vision Kenya 2030. The overall project seeks to create a corridor that will connect the north eastern part of the country, Ethiopia and South Sudan to the coast.

With the resumption of this exports very many jobs will be created along the supply line, hence reducing the unemployment levels in the country.

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