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KenGen Rise to a leading Power Producer in the region

Post by : Ann Njambuya

In Instances where Kenya is mentioned in the global stage, alot of good and bad is mentioned. However in the terms of Good KenGen is leading by example in finding solutions to renewable power production that is much safe for the environment.

Under the stable and sustainable leadership of CEO Rebecca Miano, KenGen has transformed itself from a local power production company to a leading giant in the region. the Company has contacts in Ethiopia, Djibouti and is eyeing contracts in Uganda South Sudan, Comoros, Sudan,Tanzania and  Zambia.

This move of expansion from on a power producing company in Kenya has been seen as move to diversify its revenue streams. so far KenGen has only been relying on their electricity sales to Kenya power as the major revenue stream.

This revenue stream seems like it will soon be out done by its other services that are bring in quite a huge lump sum of earnings. the company earned over 1.7 billion shillings from their Ethiopian Deals.

The company has been drilling a well in Tulu moye in Ethiopia. it is its operations in this well that have led to an increase in earnings from their Ethiopian operations by almost 3 fold.

kENGEN board of directors discussing during a past board meeting

In an expansion Bid in the war stricken country the Kenya Generating company PLC has signed a contract to start drilling services  in Aluko-Langono. The company has also signed contracts with Djibouti to drill over 3 wells in the country. the contract is worth a little under a billion shillings.


With such Enormous contracts, KenGen is bound to increase it manpower and  also improve in technology a move that will make it a leading geothermal and power producer in the region and help in putting Kenya on the global stage.



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