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Family Reveals Their Was An Unknown Visitor In The House Of The Hacked Nyamira Couple

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Family of the murdered Nyamira couple, who were killed at their vacation home, has made a shocking disclosure of an unidentified visitor who came to the house the night the couple died.

The grandson, to the late Edward Morema’s , claims that on the night before the couple was killed, a man who seemed familiar to them, stooped by their house in Nyamakoroto, Nyamira County.

According to Samuel, the house help, who had been working at the home for over a week, had prepared dinner for their couple and the visitor before leaving them in  sitting room before she went to sleep upstairs.

The farmhand who lives in a separate house in same compound , he did his usual locked the main gate to compound and went to his house.

The house help and farmhand have been arrested as police conduct investigations into the murder of the elderly couple.

The grandson revealed that the evening his grandparents were killed, he called his grandfather, just to check on him, they talked and he told him all was well. His grandfather did not reveal to his grandson of the visitor.

“We talked and we agreed to meet the following day. He had been in Western Kenya for some construction activities and he had just returned home. So I wanted to know how they were doing.”Matundura said.

Next Day

The following day, Matundura made another call to his grandfather but it did not go through , the previous evening, there was a power outage but the couple have solar panels at their home, so Matundura did not understand why their phones did not go through.


The grandson got concerned after he was told that the couple was still asleep at 10.a.m and he decided to go see them by himself.

When he opened the door to one of the bedrooms , he found the lifeless body of his grandmother in a pool of blood, lying on the bed in one of the bedrooms.


In the garage, his grandfathers body was also in a pool of blood, his hand had been tied to the back with a binding wire, his throat slit and other knife cuts in the body.

The house is fitted with CCTV cameras but Matundura said police were yet to check if they were working on the night the couple was murdered.

No door had been broken, which raised suspicion that the unknown visitor may have been involved in the murder.

Matundura said the deceased had travelled back to the country in December last year and were staying around before going back to the U.S.

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