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Nyamira: Couple Hacked To Death In Their House

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Residents of Nyamira County were left in shock following the horrifying murder of a couple who were found dead in their house.

Edward Morema Nyagechi,63, a resident in the United States, was found lying dead near his garage with deep cuts on his head while his hands and legs were ties up with binding wire.

His wife, Grace Morema,60,was later found in the bedroom with deep cuts around her neck and tied up in a similar manner to Edward.

Masaba North Deputy Police Commander Robert Ndambini revealed that the couple is believed to have been tortured before being murdered.

“It seems the criminals first captured them, tied their hands then later gagged their mouths so that they could not scream for help. We think they died as a result of excessive bleeding,” he said.

The commander also added that they have launched investigations into the matter and have already held in custody two employees ,a maid and a farm worker, who will provide information for the probe.

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