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Family in Fear as”Evil Spirits” Poisons there food, Fill house with Feaces before burning it down

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Gatundu north residents are in fear as a family in Ndwaci village have alleged invasion of dark forces” evil spirits”.

The “evil sprits” have been terrorozing the family of Patrick Kinyungu, for weeks leaving his family and villagers in anguish.

The spirits, are belived to have been throwing all sorts of objects at them incluiding pounding on Kinyungu’s grandson with stones, chocking him besides using him to cause disputes in the family.

Patrick told journalits that, whenever they cook, all the food is poisoned using large sized pills, a situation that has left his family survive for days without food.

Not only do the”Evil Sprits” poison their food, the family’s clothes are oftenly torched while in a basket, but the source of fire has never been discoverd.

Recently, Patrick revealed that the spirits, openely defected in his house, leaving a loads of ruplsive smells behind.

Mr. Kinyungu explained that it took him hours to clean his house, saying its unusual for such things to occur.

House Burnt Down

Speaking after their three bedroom house was burnt down by the said”evil spirits”, when they were working at their farm,Patrick who did not mange to save anything said all his documents, and also the childrens documents and money, were burnt down to ashes in the horryfing incident that has left the entire village puzzled.

The family’s efforts to salvage any items were unsucceful as they found the house doors strangely locked from the inside and could not break in.

Photo// The pills used to poison the families food. Photo Courtesy


“For the past few weeks, we have been unable to sleep as we appear to have been visited by evil spirits. They started by strangling and beating up my grandson but we got him delivered. They recently appeared again and started burning our house and clothes bit by bit until they brought it down in a very mysteriously way. When we were trying to open the door it was locked tightly from the inside ,
Kinyungu said.

“We were troubled that the unknown spirits have been poisoning our food,that of my cows and now my health has also been affected. The most challenging thing for me has been clearing the awful human waste from an unknown source.” he added.

Villagers Help
Photo// The house that burnt down. Photo Courtesy

Villagers led by Margret Wambui have been gathering and praying with the family blamed the strange occurences that have also plunged them them into terroe and confusion.

the locals scared and confused said they have also been whispering about the “evil spirits”in fear of them attacking them.

“This is very disturbing to us and many times we don’t sleep thinking about the challanges that this family is facing.We are mostly concerned about our children some of whom are school-going and could suffer psychological challnges as a result,” Wambui said

The family and villagers called on clerics to intervene by offering deliverance to all family members , in hope to chase away the evil spirits.

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