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Drama in Murang’a County,Kangema,as Man bombs Pregnant Woman

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Image of a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman was attacked by a man with a bomb in Kangema sub county Murang'a county pon Saturday 15th October 2022.

DCI sleuths in Murang’a county,Kangema Sub County are on a man hunt for a man who allegedly fire bombed a pregnant woman. According to witnesses the said man fire bombed the heavily pregnant woman after she refused his advances. The incident occurred on Saturday evening in a local trading centre known as Kanorero. The suspect made severally advances at the woman although she was married.

According to the crime investigators, the suspect used a petrol loaded stove to fire bomb the woman. Kangema sub county is the home area of the late John Michuki. Michuki was a minister during the Kibaki government and was known for being very disciplined and a strict authoritarian.

During our interview with a neighbour, we learnt that the suspect had been warned by the Husband of the woman to stay away from her. The pregnant woman had also told him off in public. However, it seems like the warnings fell on deaf years as the man continued with his advances.

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The Man-Hunt

Kangema police boss Philip Wambugu said that the victim is being attended to at the Kangema Level 4 hospital. He said that the victim is currently at very critical stage. While addressing the media, the Police boss indicated that the suspect has escaped and a man-hunt is underway to capture him.

Police are now trying to locate the family of the victim. The husband admitted that he hasn’t visited the relatives or his wife’s parents although having settled down with their daughter. According to the County Commissioner, the victim hails from a village in Murang’a south. The victim moved to the trading centre in 2020 and was employed by a local travellers joint. She met her husband and settled down.

The police are now treating this case as a serious incident of gender -based violence. However, a local rights activists feels that this should be treated as attempted murder as the suspect was trying to kill the victim.



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