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Drama in Kirinyaga After Senior pastor Caught in a guest house.

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Photo of the alleged senior pastor .

Drama has ensued in Kagio town , Kirinyaga county after a senior pastor was caught in a popular guest house. The pastor was caught having extra marital relations with  a member of the congregation. Before the whole incident was uncovered our team learnt that the pastor’s wife had hired a private investigator.

During an short interview with the wife, our team discovered that the wife was suspecting the pastor of having an affair. After a short stint the wife called the supervising pastor and the church elders to accompany her to the guest house. Upon arrival the wife stormed into the room only to find out the husband had been sleeping with three women at the same time.

Among the women in the room were the wife’s sister, Nancy, cousin Jane and her best friend Mercy. The pastor’s wife fainted on the spot due to shock. She is currently recuperating in  a private hospital in the area.

The four adults were filming their sexual escapades as they had done earlier. team was able to retrieve a short  video of the incident.

Photo of the alleged senior pastor .
Photo// A popular and famous pastor. It is believed that he has been trying to counsel and teach the senior pastor the ways of the lord.

When Questioned by the church elders the pastor indicated that, he had sexual fantasies that only the three ladies would fulfil. the senior pastor has been place under administrative leave as the church consults with the bishop on the next move.

A banker by day,prostitute by night

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