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A banker by day,prostitute by night

Post by : Ann Njambuya

photo of Thika street at night
One of the busy streets of Thika at night

If you have ever been in Thika town during wee hours of the night you must have come across ladies who are half naked standing along various streets in Thika Town. Thika being one of the industrious town houses people from all walks of life and hence a good size of population lives in Thika. These commercial sex workers takes advantage of Thika due to its proximity to Nairobi.

It is worth noting that these sex workers nowadays are ” opening their shops as early as 8.00 a.m in the morning especially along the famous Rwambogo restaurant.¬†wanted to unveil what goes on during the night hours and hence we decides to interview them in anonymity though. It is during our interview a lady drives a nissan note and parks alongside one of the busy streets during the night. Jane [ not her real name] whispers to us that the lady is one of them and their colleague.

We shifts our attention to get to understand the reason as to why a lady who is driving and seems to be living a good life would choose to be a commercial sex worker. Upon arrival the lady agrees to be interviewed and narrates her juicy story.

Campus life

Carol explains that she started being a commercial sex worker since her campus life where she studied in one of the Universities in Thika. She could attend class during the day and later during the night be in Thika town to offer her services to “thirsty men”. These continued for the rest of her campus life where her clients grew in number and in size. Upon her graduation, Carol didnt go back to the village but rather continued with her job which by now was earning around Kshs. 3000 on a bad day and the figure could double on weekends mostly on Fridays and Saturdays.

Its during her stay in the streets that she came across her now boss. Carol pursuing a banking and finance course. She comes from a humble background where fees was a problem which resulted to her decision. One day during her routine job, a man drove along and took her to one of the rooms. After “service” the man asked her about her life and Carol didn’t hesitate to explain it to the guy. The man happened to be a manager of one the banks in Thika and hence he employ her in the banking industry.

Surprisingly even after getting the banking job Carol didn’t forego her “sex hawking job”. During the day she is a banker but when night comes she is a prostitute. Carol unveils that some of her customers are prominent people inthe society ranging from Politicians, Pastors, C.E.O and prominent business people


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