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DCI Makes it Easy For Kenyans Booking Appointments to get Police Clearance Certificates

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Good news for Kenyans as they will no longer be required to book a fingerprinting date while applying for the police clearance certificate ‘good conduct.’

The DCI said that citizens seeking the certificates, they would only be required to present the required documents at any Centre within their reach, after which fingerprints would be taken as the process commences.

A move that seeks to do away with tiresome processes, the agency body said the system which required one to book for a day to have their fingerprints taken had been scrapped from the eCitizen platform.

“You are no longer required too book a fingerprinting date while applying for the police Clearance Certificate ‘good conduct’.” read the statement

Photo// Booking of Police Clearance form No longer necessary. Photo Courtesy

“This section has been removed from the portal. Applicants are encouraged to visit their convenient fingerprint centers with their printed C24 copies, payment vouchers and original ID cards.”

The agency also noted that was initially available only at the DCI headquarters, will henceforth also be available at Huduma Centre across the country.

“To avoid long ques, city dwellers are reminded that the service is equally available at the Huduma Centers,” said DCI.


For the applicants who still want to obtain their certificates from the DCI headquarters on Kiambu road, they were notified that the headquarters would be opened for the said services from 7am to 3pm

The DCI also advised those who apply and obtain their documents to download them and keep printed copies in their person, noting that the certificates would be pulled down from the eCitizen after six months.

In the past months, citizens have been complaining of the poor service delivery with an applicant required to wait for weeks or months before their fingerprints are taken.

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