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77 year old Woman beaten and Lynched to death for Allegedly burning Underwear Outside Neighbor’s Home

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Embu sub-county, police officers have launched an investigation after the death of 77 year old woman, who was reportedly lynched over witch craft allegations.

The body of the woman was discovered dumped by the roadside on Tuesday at Gatumbi Market, just a few meters away from her home.

The deceased, Alice Kaguna was beaten to death by a crowd that according to witnesses, found her burning her own inner garments outside her neighbor’s gate very early in the morning with an unclear motive.

The deceased’s neighbor Daniel Mwaniki, said he was woken up by his wife at around 3am due to the commotion outside.

Upon going to find out what was happening, he said he found a crowd of people arguing with the woman, adding that she further burned his hand with hot water.

“I was surprised when I went out only to find my neighbor burning her underwear outside my gate. She splashed hot water on my right hand, leaving me with huge burns.” said Daniel

He also said he went to report the incident to the police station, however in his return, he found the woman had been killed by the mob and her house slightly demolished over claims of practicing witchcraft.

However the area locals claim that the deceased and his neighbor had boundary disputes.

The police commander condemned the heinous act, calling on locals to give information that could help in establishing the cause of the incident and nab those responsible to the killing.

He also urged them to find a better solution of solving disputes, saying no one is above the law.

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