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Crime In The City: Utalii College Student Stabbed to death

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

As cases of muggings in the city reduce, a percentage of people are still been mugged, others killed.

In Utalii Collage a student was attacked and stabbed to death by a suspected gang whom the police are looking for.

John Chahonyi, was stabbed in the chest as he wrestled with a thug that was on a motorcycles and was after his mobile phone.

Witnesses present said he and others were at the Traffic headquarters bus stop on Thika highway on Saturday night waiting to board a matatu to the city Centre were he was attacked.

Two criminals arrived on a motorcycle and started to rob the people present.

Photo// Nairobi Police boss. Photo Courtesy

They then reached Chahonyi prompting the struggle before he was stabbed in the chest and stomach.

John was rushed to hospital, were he was pronounced dead on arrival. He had lost too much blood, officials said.

Nairobi Police Head, Adamson Bungei said the gang managed to steal the deceased’s phone and a trouser.

“We advise victims of such robberies to always cooperate because their is nothing is worth your life,” he said

The police boss added that the team attacked other pedestrians on the highway during the Saturday night incident.

A special police unit has been deployed , following up on the whereabouts of the gang amid reports they are notorious in the area.


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