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Nairobi’s Notorious Criminal Arrested In a Dramatic Police Chase

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

One of Nairobi’s notorious criminals, who has been on the most wanted lists, was arrested Monday night by police officers.

The police officers from Huruma police Station arrested the man after the man approached a couple that was headed home from work.

George Ngugi aka Choku is said to have attacked Mohammed Adan and his wife Sameha Mihammud, robbing them of their phones before fleeing on a motorbike together with his associate.

A statement issued by the DCI, on Wednesday reported that the police officers, led by stations OCS, happened to be on-site and immediately began a chase.

‘IN  an incident that literally shook the shacks lined up near the Kariobangi-Huruma flyover, the OCS leading his anti-mugging unit on a motorbike went after the thugs with  fury, in a chase reminiscent of the Grand Prix Motorcycle championship,” wrote DCI on Twitter.

Thug Nabbed

The chase however did not last long as the gate away motorbike became wobbly and eventually hit a pavement bringing the criminals to a stop.


“The nduthi ferrying the thug began wobbling from one end of the road to another as the thug who was hanging dangerously on the pillion seat turned back only to be met by the raging eyes of the Huruma station commander, who was shouting instructions to his police rider as he leaned on his shoulder…ongeza speed! shka hii gaidi!!!” reported DCI.

The driver however managed to escape, by running under the water culverts leaving the thug prey to the officers and was arrested.

Later on, investigations reveled that, Choku had been arrested in 2011 for preparation to commit a felony and was arrested on cash bail.

In addition to that, police discovered that Choku had been arrested in 2012 for the same offences and also in possession of narcotics.

Choku will remain in police custody awaiting arraignment in court.

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