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Controller Of Budget Revels She was Forced To Transfer Ksh.15B Before Elections

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Controller Of Budget Margaret Nyakang’o  says she was threatened to sign out Ksh.15B days before the 2022 General Elections.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Public Petitions Committee, Margaret said she was forced to approve Ksh.6B for buying  Relcos and Ksh.9.5B from the annuity fund a few days to the August 9 election.

She produced what she alleges was a conversation between her and former Treasury CS Ukur Yatani.

The committee was told that on August 4, 2022, the person identifies as CS Yatani who wrote to Margret at 2:13pm, saying “Good Afternoon, please also facilitate similar approvals for infrastructure ministry for amounts of Ksgs8B(sic) and Ksh.2B.”

Photo// The Former Treasury CS alleged to have sent the messages. Photo Courtesy



After an hour and 20minutes later, at 3:33pm, the person is said to have sent her a photo and wrote” please help us expedite this.’

Nyakang’o also revealed that an email was sent after that, and also a message saying; “H.E might even call you if we don’t deal with this by 4pm.”

Margret says she replied ;”Are you saying we have 26 minutes to complete the process?”


The document of the said conversation shows the person writing; ‘He’s just called and i assured that  i have spoken to you and that you promised by the end of the day.”

Margaret then said, ‘The timing requires up to to tomorrow as I am still out of office,’ the message is said to have been sent at 3:39pm, the CS  told the budget controller ,’You need to device how to deal with it, I am sorry, but try.”

When she was asked why she could not say ‘No” to the alleged threat, she told the committee :”it is not a black and white, yes-no situation.”

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