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China goes on lock down as COVID infections surge

Post by : Sue Njihia

China records over 300 infections in the cities of Xian ,Beijing and shanghai.Over ten million people were under lock down and businesses in major tourists attractions were forced to close.

After a rebound of the COVID cases , officials had to launch a new round mass testing to more than half of the city’s district . A shanghai resident Ali Chan states that she finds the new measures unnecessary.

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The Xian  city government wants to put measures such as closing of entertainment venues ,including pubs, internet cafes and karaoke bars which was initiated on Wednesday .

The officials are blaming the outbreak on The Omicron Variant ,which is transmissible and immune evasive.Starting Monday vaccination requirements will be tightened.

“A resurgence of Omicron is not an issue in most other countries , but it remains  a predominant issue for the Chinese economy,” Ting Lu , Chief China economists at Nomura warned.

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