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‘Buglary On The Rise!’ South C Residents Worried

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In the past months, Nairobi residents have in fear, With the high number of buglary cases in the city.

In South C, a section of Nairobi, residents are worried as rising cases of theft has increased, as the thieves have become more daring, they are now breaking and entering into the residents apartments in broad daylight.

The thieves are said to target houses whose occupants are away at work or travelling.

One of the residents of South C, Sarah Mukami , is one of the victim, whose valubales were stolen while she was away.

She spoke to Wananchi.

“I had left my house for a quick errand. By the time i was coming back 40 minutes later , thieves had raided my house and made away with my Tv,  two laptops, home theatre and gas cylinder. I suspect someone was watching my movements. It was very well coordinated,” she said.

She reported the incident at the Akila Police Station under OB28/30/04/2022.

Mukami has lost valubles worth Sh400,000. She also says she has lost hope on finding er stolen valuables.

Additionaly, Dennis Musyoka is another victim of the buglary incidences.

He says he had gone out to meet his girlfriend, upon returning home, he was shocked to find his door opeen , his TV, laptop and gas cylinder missing.

Dennis suspects that the watchmen and caretakers are in cahoots with the thieves , because he had gone for only 2 hours.

Residents who spoke to Wananchi Reporting, said their have been many breaking cases many often not reported.

The residents are now demanding increase of security in the area especially during the december festive seasons.

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