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Akothee To Sue Bloggers Who Tarnish Her Name And Brand

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Akothee ‘Madam Boss’ has a bone to pick with bloggers who post malicious content about her and her brand.

Ester Akoth, singer and businesswoman has threatened to sue the bloggers who will be found posting content that will tarnish her brand.

Taking to her official account, in a lengthy statement, she warned all bloggers that they risk paying a penalty of at least 300 million if they post anything about her or anything that is likely to tarnish her brand.

She explained as to why she would penalize the bloggers saying that they don’t care about the content they post , their intentions are geared towards getting clicks and likes from the masses.

“Gone are the days when blogs built brands and names , nowadays we only have bitter lost generations behind keyboards chasing followings and clouts to earn a living. They will stop at nothing and care less about the damage it will cost. She wrote on her Instagram page.

She also added saying all that bloggers want are comments, likes and followers.

Additionally , she said blogs are equally fighting for followers and endorsements, therefore they will use your name.

“To all Kenyan bloggers, this is your last day posting rubbish about my brand and tarnishing my name for your own gain. You will be forced to pay a penalty of 300M if you post anything malicious about my brand. I don’t need you , you need my content period. Wacheni kunipost sitaki.” She added that on her post.

Reason To Sue

Reason as to why Akothee is going to fine the bloggers, its because Akothee slammed a local publication for publishing an article claiming that she dissed her sister Cebbie Koks.

While ranting about her the ‘Malicious Article’ Akothee stated that the publication was’ using’ her family to sell an agenda for their own benefit.

“This is the most malicious comment I have ever come across . Just like every family. Do not take advantage of our challenges for your own comfort. Every family has issues issues including yours. I will not stand here and allow you to use my family on your pages for traction.

“You know I know how to to deal with trolls . This is my blood younger sister and nothing can change amidst the challenges. I still love and cherish her, she can never be my enemy nor my competition nor can I refer to her as a workmate. My sister is the age of my daughters, I see her as I see my daughters , we came from a family of zero malice. We were brought up well,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Continuing her rant, Akothee further cautioned publishers and fans against using her family to sell their agendas.  She additionally pledged to seek legal redress against anyone found capable.

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