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AG Muturi Challenges Supreme Court Ruling on LGBTQ Community

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Attorney General Justin Muturi, has said he will challenge the supreme court ruling that’s allowing the registration of LGBTQ NGO’s.

The supreme court made its ruling on Friday saying that the decision to deny LGBTQ members their right to register as an NGO, despite homosexuality being illegal in the nation was discriminatory.

This followed a ruling made in 2013 by lower courts, to deny members of the community in Kenya to register a NGO for the advancement of their rights.

Speaking on Sunday at a church in Manyatta Embu County, Muturi said that Kenyans should be allowed to state their opinion over the issue of LGBTQ people since it weighs on life.

He said the debate must be taken outside the church and Kenyans invited to give their input.

Photo// AG Muturi to Challange Supreme Courts ruling on LGBTQ community to register NGO. Photo Courtesy

Muturi also said that the country has its values and in the interests of the public, he will be seeking full bench of supreme court to address itself over the matter.

Leaders Present

Other leaders who were present at the church include Kiambu Women Rep. Ann Wamuratha, who said the courts ruling was in conflict with the constitution.

The woman rep said she will also be tabling a motion in parliaments t seek amend of Sexual Act.

The supreme court’s ruling has been met with backlash from members of the church. Clerics from the Redeemed Gospel Church of Kenya have condemned the ruling, saying LGBTQ lobby groups should not even be allowed in Kenya.

Archbishop Arthur Kitonga, said that allowing such can bring curses to the country since it amounts to breaking the law of God.

CITAM presiding bishop Calisto Odede on his part, questioned the court’s ruling likening LGBTQ persons to what he called ‘illegal practitioners’ such as pedophiles.

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