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Duplantis Sets New World Pole Vault Record of 6.22M

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Amando Duplantis the young athlete of Sweden shines again as he sets a new world pole vault record of 6.22 metres at indoor meeting in France on Saturday.

The champion Duplantis broke his own record of 6.21m that he had set in winning the world title outdoors in Oregon last year.

Competing at the All- Star Perche meeting in Cermont-Ferrand, Central France organised by 2012 Olympic pole vault champion Renaud Lavillenie. Duplantis broke his record at his third attempt.

The 23 year old said :”When you have moments like this, when the energy is so high, and you’re going down there for the record ,it feels like levitating, it feels like my body never even touched the ground the whole jump.”

“There’s something about it that just feels overwhelming right now, and i really think it’s because Renaud means so much to me,he’s meant so much to me since I first started , he’s been my biggest inspiration, biggest idol.

“He really motivated me, made me believe that i could break the world record. So for me to break the world record here , his home town, his competition that he hosts…”

Duplantis entered the competitin at 5.71m, he cleared that height in his first attempt.

He passed both 5.81m and 5.91m on his second try before winning the competition by clearing 6.01m on his first attempt before having the bar raised to te record height.

It was the sixth time Duplantis has broken the world record.

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