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2023’S Naked Bike Riding Event Takes Place On August 26

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Naked Bike Riding, just as the name sounds, people ride bicycles naked to show and accept the body how it is and to love the human body

The next Naked Bike Ride takes place in the state of Philadelphia. It will be held on August 26,2023.

Organizers of the annual bike ride, seeks to promote fuel conservation and positive body image. The starting location and the route too ride on still remain a secret.

According to new AP news agency, the 16Km ride is part of the worlds Naked Bike Ride movement which attracts about 3000bikers.

The organizer’s hope the bike ride encourages people to bike more and to embrace nudity as a normal and enjoyable part of life.

The ride was held in September but the bicyclists said it was too chilly changing it to August in 2019.

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