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Wajackoyah’s bhang manifesto prompts Matiangi’s reaction

Post by : Sue Njihia

Roots party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah’s bhang manifesto is causing an uproar from religious leaders and government officials.

In a statement made by Nyeri catholic Archbishop Anthony Muheria , being morally upright and ethical is very critical for the a nation’s  prosperity.  In his defence,Wajackoyah claimed he was misunderstood by the church. His intentions were to commercialise marijuana and not legalise it.

This also heightened  Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi Reaction, to the bhang manifesto. In his statement, leaders are taking advantage of the platforms they have to mislead the youths and Kenyans with false promises, such as legalising marijuana.  According to the Kenyan Laws, Drugs are illegal and the government will ensure that this remains so.

In a rally in Busia, Wajackoyah Stated that during his term, all bodaboda riders will be busy cultivating and exporting marijuana to generate income for the country. Wajackoyah who was a senior special police officer in the Moi government, indicated that he has the economic might of marijuana.

Roots party presidential Candidate.George Wajackoyah's Bhang Manifesto has caused uproar amongst Senior Government Officials.

The self- Proclaimed professor was sent into exile in the 1990 after the infamous assassination of Robert Ouko. According to the controversial Marijuana Advocate. Marijuana has helped countries in the west boost their economies and  medical research. Marijuana is considered a strong sedative and is commonly used in the western world as a recommended pain reliever for advanced cancer patients.

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The roots party presidential candidate seeks to bring this into the Kenyan Market in a bid to re-energise the country’s economy and its health sector. According to Wajackoyah, an acre of bhang can bring in over  six million shillings in revenue per harvest.

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